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As the most ancient Brazilian municipality, "City Monument of Country's History", "Main Cell of Nationality", and due to the condition of being a touristic city of "Baixada Santista", having historical and watering place characteristics, Sao Vicente is included among the watering resorts. This issue is an homage to the four and half centuries since Sao Vicente's foundation.

For a long time one discussed about the exactness of its foundation date on January 22nd, 1532.

Some historians attribute other different dates for its foundation: "Various French and Spanish assume that Sao Vicente was already peopled in 1516 when relating Aleixo Garcia's fabulous story".

On the other hand, Father Jaboatao states that Martim Afonso de Souza arrived in 1525". However, neither this Portuguese nor those foreigners succeeded in finding out the right date and none of them agree with the Royal Decree's date signed on November 20th, 1530, eve of Capitain-Mor Martim Afonso's trip. In fact, the day when the colonizers called at Brazil, after a struggle against the sea, was not the beginning of the village. Historically speaking, however, January 22nd, 1532 is considered the official date that marks the appearance of our country's first village. By that occasion, Martim Afonso de Souza aided by two Portuguese, Joao Ramalho and Antonio Rodrigues, would have begun the administration of Sao Vicente "Capitania" (designation of the first administrative divisions of Brazil) that he received by donation of D. Joao III. Initially, a small fort was built for keeping guns and common values. Later it was built the Church the Customs, the Jail and the Town-Council and after that the village with its streets and lots already lined off received officials especially appointed to establish law. Then, it was established in the New World what can be called the "first nucleus of the civil administration".

After an increasing prosperity during the XVI Century Sao Vicente ascended to the condition of municipality by a Royal Decree of October 29'h, 1700; it became a city on November 315', 1895, and "Comarca" (judiciary district of a state) on February 18th, 1959 by a state decree No. 5285. By the law n. 1358 on July 7th, 1977, it became a watering resort.

Sao Vicente, "First Organized City of Brazil", "Capital of Paulistas" for 177 years, collects among other titles the honor of being the "Cradle of the American Democracy" because of the establishment in Brazil and America of the system of Municipal Councils and Legislative Power; originating the first Parliamentary Council of the continent.


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