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Hermes da Fonseca gaścho (1855-1923). President of the Republic between 1910 and 1914 . Hermes Rodrigues of Fonseca is born in Sćo Gabriel, RS.

Nephew of the marshal Deodoro of Fonseca, is a soldier by career and one of the founders, in 1878, of the Republican Club of the Military Circle.

After the proclamation of the Republic, in 1889, he stays in military functions. He reaches the marshal position in 1906, when he is named the minister of war during the government of Afonso War. In that position he reorganizes the Army and, in 1908, he institutes the obligatory military service.

In 1910 he is chosen president with the conservatives' support, the military, of the high society mineira and gaśchas and the small states.

In the government he goes away a little of the politics of the " coffee-with-milk " and it begins the call " political salvacionista ", that tries to recover the importance of the military  in the politics. In the practice, even so, the military  just participate of the game of local power. After leaving the presidency, in 1914, he participates in several politica events such as Revolta do Forte de Copacabana (1922). He is in prison for six month and after being freed moves to Petrópolis, where he dies a few months after.

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